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ASP.Net MVC Installation – Windows Installer Service Woes

Posted by coreycoogan on May 29, 2009

As discussed in my first post, I picked up the Pro ASP.NET MVC book and began reading it, as well as digging into some web resources.  I am all ready to start laying things out and working through some simple code for my first MVC production app, but on my daytime laptop, I’m having trouble with the installation.

During the installation/configuration of VS.NET templates, I got an error message stating that the Windows Installer Service had choked and ended my installation prematurely.  Through some digging, I came across this post from Phil Haak.  Turns out that previous VS.Net add-ons can cause trouble with the MVC installation.

I have the latest version of CodeRush Express loaded, as well as GhostDoc and  I let the patch run for about 10 minutes, at which point the progress bar began to move backwards.  The installation dialog just sat there for another 5 minutes before I got scared and hit cancel.  It doesn’t seem to be doing anything, as it sits there for now about 10 minutes, but certainly hope it’s doing something. I eventually killed the process and reboot, hoping for the best.  Thankfully, my machine came up and VS.NET fired up.

I uninstalled all my add-ons and rebooted, but still can’t install.  So I decided to try to the hot fix again, and after 5 mintues it works!  Now time to try MVC again, crossing my fingers…. it worked to!  Yay!  Time to put back my precious add-ons and voila, that’s all there is to it.  Nothing that can’t be accomplished in a morning.

More to come, but at least now I can get some real work going.


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