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Python, .Net, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Architecture and Design

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I’m an IT consultant living in Suamico (Green Bay), WI, working for ZyQuest, Inc., where I work on projects of all shapes and sizes.  I’m especially interested in open source projects in the .NET space and exploring how to leverage them to develop solutions that are developed faster, perform better and easier to maintain than a 100% Microsoft solution. I’ve recently ventured out of the .NET space and into the OSS world of Python, Linux, Postgres, PHP, etc.

Starting this blog is something I’ve often contemplated, but was officially inspired by this post by Jeremy D. Miller, who I have great respect for.

Here you’ll find posts on anything from Python, SQLAlchemy and jQuery to C#, ASP.NET MVC, Alt.Net, OSS, design patterns, common solutions and WCF. I also like sharing job commentary, consulting anecdotes and observations about business and humans in general..


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