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Google Chrome JavaScript Error Notification

Posted by coreycoogan on April 8, 2011

I love Google Chrome – it’s fast, simple and standards-based. I really like the built-in developer tools, which are just like Firebug, but readily available without managing any add-ons or extensions.

One thing that is lacking from Chrome for a developer is the notification of JS errors on a page. Typically, I would hit [SHIFT+CTL+J] to fire up the JavaScript console and see if there are any errors. This can be a bit of a hassle and has caused me to miss some subtle errors at the times where I wasn’t using the console.

Knowing that Google has an extensive set of extensions available, I figured I’d check for something to notify me when there’s an error on the page. Sure enough, I found the JavaScript Errors Notifier extension that gives me exactly what I’ve been longing for. Why did it take me so long to search this out?


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